The Proposal

Carol (CQT) interviews Sandra (SQT) and Billy (BPQ) on how the proposal occured.

CQT: How did both of you meet?
BPQ : I met Sandra at a club activity she went to support Amy.
SQT : I’m glad I went.
CQT : That was easy enough.  Tell me about the engagement. I assume you planned it way in advanced.
BPQ : Of course! I prepared the whole thing without Sandra catching on to my plans. (sinister laugh)*
: He was scheming behind my back, perfectly knowing that I do not like surprises.


BPQ:  It all started since 2008 when everyone, ok, my sister, kept asking me when I was going to propose. I reassured her I had it all under control and would ask her in 2009, though unsure of the exact month and time yet.  But I was scheming this all along without Sandra knowing.   I used simple questions to find out ring sizes and ideal proposal ideas such as, "Oh! You and Yung went to Tiffany's again? Did you try on any rings you like? Yung tried some on? What ring size is she? Is that the same as yours? And other random questions but point is, I figured out her ring size through careful interrogation.  In January 2009, I enlisted the help of Mike, Tony, and Marleaky to go with me ring hunting.  Goal, find the ring that would make Sandra swoon.
SQT: And it really did.  I LOVE my ring! It’s so pretty.
BPQ: Next course of action was to plan the proposal.  I wanted to incorporate several elements.  One, friends and family are important to both of us so they had to be there.  Two, she loves tide pools so I wanted to include that.  Three, she loves surprises so I wanted…
SQT: Wait NO! I don't like surprises!


BPQ: As I was saying, I wanted to surprise Sandra even though she didn't like surprises because this is one of those instances where a surprise is called for.  I choose the date July 11 because it would be easy to remember (7/11).  The date also made it convenient because it was a multi-event reason (Late July 4th BBQ, Friend got accepted to med school, friend’s birthday, and nice beach weekend).  OH! Also since I and many of my friends were into photography, I wanted to include a random beach photoshoot.  But that primary purpose was to document the proposal. 
SQT: So once there, we started cooking food and after that, we all decided to go tide pool hunting.  Bi led me to this cliff and I had no idea what was in store next. 
CQT: What was strange about it?
SQT: I found it strange that no one else followed us to the cliff, but I didn't think too much of it.  Before that, I was wondering why he was holding this stupid yellow cloth. Until all of a sudden, he got down on one knee and put the cloth down on the rocks to protect his knee. 


BPQ: I knew that I would be on my knee for quite some time, and I was! Since you didn't even believe what was happening and kept hitting me.

SQT: How could I? It all happened so suddenly and I didn't see it coming.  Sorry for hitting you.  Multiple times.
BPQ: If you hit me just a few more times, I would have stood up. Just kidding.  I begin telling her how much she means to me and how we complement each other.  I asked her to spend the rest of her days and nights with me.
SQT: I said YES.
CQT: So cute!